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Mikeal Love, MD

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With Mikeal Love, MD in Austin, Texas, you learn how to conceive — or how to prevent conception — through natural family planning. As southern Texas’ leading OB/GYN, Mikeal Love, MD works with you and your partner to keep track of certain markers during your cycle. When you call the office or book your appointment online, let the team know if you’re a new patient. They ensure that your appointment is long enough to get all the information you need, so you leave with confidence in your natural family planning path.

Natural Family Planning Q & A

Can I use birth control to prevent pregnancy?

Because Dr. Love is an expert in natural family planning, he prides himself on providing his patients with an alternative to birth control medications. He spends extensive time with each woman and her partner, discussing peak fertility times. This way you know when to have sexual intercourse if you’re trying to get pregnant, or when to avoid it if you don’t want to conceive.

When used correctly, natural family planning has a 90% success rate, which is great news for you and your partner.

How does natural family planning work?

Natural family planning, also known as NFP, requires you to keep tabs on certain details during your cycle. This method of birth control involves the rhythm or calendar method, the basal body temperature method, and the cervical mucus method.

You begin by using a calendar to annotate when your period starts and ends. Day one of your period is the first day of your cycle. While each woman is different, your entire cycle typically lasts between 28 and 32 days.

Your ovulation window, the time when you’re most fertile, occurs just before the midpoint of your cycle. Dr. Love will teach you exactly how to calculate your fertility times and for how long.

When you start tracking your temperature and making notes on your calendar, you notice a steady body temperature. Right before you ovulate, your temperature drops then rises. This tells you that ovulation just occurred.

Observe your cervical mucus as well. When you’re within a day or two of ovulating, your cervical mucus is clear, stretchy, and slippery. This is an ideal time to engage in sexual intercourse if you’re looking to get pregnant. Of course, you want to avoid sexual intercourse at this time if you aren’t interested in conceiving at this time.

Are there other signs that I am ovulating?

Aside from changes in your body temperature and cervical mucus, you might notice some other symptoms. For instance, when you’re ovulating, you could have:

  • Tender breasts
  • Lower abdominal pain on one side
  • A softer, higher sitting cervix